Many homeowners suffer from house envy and spend hours flicking through interior magazines or searching on Pinterest for designs they would love to replicate in their own properties.

Well, one residence that has become incredibly popular among Brits is a property that boasts a glass cube conservatory.

Earlier this week, design platform Houzz revealed its Best Of Houzz 2019 award winners, celebrating the most coveted homes in the UK among the 40 million users who use the site monthly.

Among the victors was a property in the West Midlands that has a ‘glass cube’ conservatory, with doors that fold completely away, opening up the room to the garden in warmer weather.

This design has become hugely popular, as it allows the room to feel more connected with the garden during the summer, while still feeling cosy and warm in the colder winter months.

Many Brits are opting for glass extensions in the UK these days, as the weather can be so changeable. During the year, we can experience temperatures as low as -15C – as felt in Aberdeenshire just last week – as well as heatwaves that last for weeks, which was experienced as recently as summer 2018.

By having a room that opens up fully, homeowners can enjoy the fresh air when the sun is shining, while benefitting from an extra living room space that is closed to the elements when it is frosty and windy outside.

Among the other popular designs Houzz honoured were a traditional wine cellar in an Essex home, a walk-in dressing room with glass wardrobes in Hertfordshire, and a tree cabin made out of wood in Sussex.