Most homeowners who want to get as much money for the sale of their property as possible are aware that renovating their house is the best way to do this – bringing it into the 21st Century and making it more appealing to potential buyers.

Not only does a freshly decorated property look more attractive and is a good way to get people to book viewings, but many purchasers are likely to be more tempted to buy your home by the simple fact that they do not need to do any work to it.

One way to really make your house stand out from the others on property websites is to transform the space available by installing a glass kitchen extension. This really helps to bring a house to life – not only by adding more space to the most important room in the house, but also by letting more natural light in and opening up the house to the garden.

This could even help boost the value of your house to over £1 million, with recent figures showing that many regions in the UK experienced a rise in the number of million-pound house sales in 2018.

Lloyds Bank Private Banking recently reported that Wales saw the biggest boost in sales for this kind of property last year, doubling its figures between 2017 and 2018, Property Wire revealed. This was followed by the East Midlands where sales jumped by 67 per cent over the 12-month period.

This shows there is demand for expensive properties, and homebuyers are willing to pay considerable amounts for a house of their dreams.