Why a Glass Box Extension?


Glass Floors, Kitchen, Living or Dining Room Glass Box Extensions come in all shapes sizes and costs, making a contemporary addition to your modern or traditional home. Our Glass Room Extensions are designed to enhance your home giving you a comfortable all year round Glass Space flooded with natural light.

Our glass box extension manufacturing includes low-e coated glass that gives you retained warmth in the winter and also a layer of solar control that cuts down on heat build-up for the summer. The glass we use varies and will always be chosen with your year-round comfort in mind.

Glasspace is the only Glass Box Extension company that offer a range of door systems that are part of your Glass Structure. The most popular door system we fit into our Glass Box Extensions is the Infiniti Fineline Sliding door which saves space and gives you unrivalled function.


Glass Kitchen Extension

Working with our design team we can create your perfect glass space.
Opening up your kitchen area with a glass box extension will bring the outside in.

From concept to completion, our company takes pride in all our Glass Extension projects. Our expert fitters have a knowledge of the product that is second to none.

GlasSpace encourages factory visits so feel free to make an appointment. We look forward to seeing you at the start of your project.

Glass Dining Extension

Glass Box Extensions are our passion from design through to manufacture and installation we help you blur the boundaries and bring the outside in.

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Glass Office Space

Designed/manufactured and installed by Glass Box Extensions this glass office extension offers light and style for a comfortable working environment.

The initial brief was to transform a neglected area of outdoor space into an contemporary extension while connecting it with their garden it increases the amount of natural light within the space.

The project was designed around Infiniti fineline doors and screens that provided picturesque views of the beautifully landscaped garden.


Our Objective

Working with light and space when creating a modern living environment allows our designers to help create your dream space, all the while modernising and updating your home.

Creating no borders between the outside space and your living area can help to bring the beauty of your outside area into your home, helping to create a healthier living lifestyle.

Featuring in all the home improvement magazines, we set the standard in modern day living and its energy efficient glass products.

By creating spaces that can be used all year round, our glass room extensions incorporate structural double and triple glazed units.

We are proud to say that we use the latest in low argon filled e-glasses, perfect for those looking for a comfortable living.

Keen to stay ahead in glass innovations, we pride ourselves in working with structural engineers and our in-house planning consultants which helps our customers in delivering bespoke spaces.

We push the boundaries and set the standard for the modern day living environment.

Working with architects, designers and homeowners, we pride ourselves in delivering cost-effective solutions that will live up to your expectations.

We aim to deliver high levels of service that is expected when investing in your property.

We manufacture and install all our tested and guaranteed systems which include Infiniti fine line sliding doors.

We also design roof light/floors and structural glass extensions which provide clear living all year round.

As the industries longest serving structural glass company we continue to invest in the company and services so that we can improve our customers’ experience. 

We were recently delighted to have been granted Trade Mark status which has cemented our commitment to the industry.

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