While retrofitting a home’s heating system is possible, it makes sense to do it at the very beginning if possible as this will help keep costs down, so do bear this in mind if you’re planning a new conservatory or similar now or in the near future.

Homeowners planning luxurious new glass kitchen extensions and similar home renovation projects may want to prioritise low carbon heating, since improvement work is the prime opportunity to enact real changes like this with ease… and in a cost-effective way.

A new report from the Committee on Climate Change has suggested that hydrogen is one of the most credible options for heating in the future, but there is currently low awareness among the general public as to why we should make the move away from natural gas to low-carbon alternatives.

Lord Deben, chairman of the committee, suggested that smart hybrid heat pumps could be used in combination with natural gas over the short term, with the potential to use hydrogen in the long term.

“Hydrogen has the potential to contribute to near-zero carbon energy emissions if used strategically. The government must now decide whether it wishes to develop a UK hydrogen option, taking decisions now that will see the first deployment in the 2020s,” he went on to say.

Last year, a similar report from the Energy Research Partnership noted that if we’re to hit our carbon targets in 2050 of an 80 per cent drop in greenhouse gas emissions, we have to change how we heat our homes and buildings.

Domestic and commercial heat accounts for approximately one-quarter of UK emissions, so hitting the 2050 targets will be near impossible without prioritising decarbonisation of heat.